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Friday, September 4, 2015


Audra's friend Kayla has been trying to get me to get on the Scentsy bandwagon for a while and start selling. Audra finally became a consultant so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I've spent half the day setting all of that up. I love their warmers and the scents- I have them all over the house and it's great for covering up baby diaper pale smells, dog smells, etc LOL! But I just love the scents anyway. I was surprised by how much other stuff they have and now I am going to have to keep myself off my own website or I'll be spending way too much money!

  Other than that, it's just been a busy week of work and babysitting as usual. Clayton started PreK on Monday- he'll be going to two years of that since he has a late bday. I think it'll be really good for him and prepare him for kindergarten- it's more structured than daycare and more like a school setting will be. It's so sad in some ways to see him so grown up and also trying to get used to being a "Big boy" and having to have more structure and rules at a school. He gets so incredibly excited and goes RUNNING up to his teachers and class, totally oblivious to anything around him until suddenly he gets reprimanded for running lol. Poor thing gets so sad and it's hard as a grandma to watch his excitement and enthusiasm turn to a pout for getting in "trouble". Takes me back to watching Audra grow up and have to reign in her innocent love and enthusiasm for everything in the world! So hard to watch these little ones growing up.

 Teegan has been smiling so much in the last week- it's so wonderful to see! I love this little guy. He's doing really well. Awake a lot more and very curious about everything around him. Brittany has a baby coming in December. So we'll have another one to hold just as Teegan is getting out of the really little baby stage! It's been non stop for the last year! But I love it!

 Well speaking of grandkids I'm off to pick up Cheyenne at daycare. Until next time!

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