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Sunday, September 20, 2015

mmmmmm Scentsy!

OMG SCENTSY! I have just started selling their products and decided to try the washer whiffs, the honeymoon scent. It smells so good when the clothes are done washing! I remember when I first became a mom and wife and was always trying to buy stuff that made our house smell good and our laundry and things like that. Gain laundry detergent is what I found to do that. Every time I washed and dried the clothes the whole house smelled like Gain and it was wonderful. But nowadays it seems like all the laundry detergents are different and definitely not as strong. I'm not sure why that is but I quit bothering with it. But man these things smell so good!
 Anyway, that's how my Sunday morning started! We have Clayton's fourth bday party this afternoon and I was trying to get some clothes dried for that, hence the reason for this post lol.
Yikes! I still have to get Clay's present ready. We got him a batbot- a robot that moves and talks and lights up, walks even. He'll be so excited. He's the only kid I know that watches Youtube tutorials on products you can get at the store. Well, batman toys was the big deal for the longest time and that's all he'd watch, which is when he got hooked on batman toys. He's been asking for this toy for at least six months!
 So off I go to get it ready and get ready for the party! Between that and three offices I'll be busy today! Til next time....

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