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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Typical Saturday

It's 9:30 a.m on a Saturday and I am showered, dressed and have coffee made! Oh and I just managed to eat breakfast. All with an 8 mo old granddaughter in toe! (Cheyenne) . She's my sidekick these days. I have her overnight most Friday nights as mom and dad both work early on Saturdays. If left with no grandkids I'll easily sleep until this time if not later but when I know a grandchild is in the house, it's like my brain doesn't ever shut off, so sleeping in doesn't happen if they do sleep late, which surprisingly she did today.

 Today's a typical Saturday. Not a lot going on other than watching grandkids. Teegan and Clay will be coming over later in the day while mom and dad go to a wedding and reception so I'll have them overnight. Teegan, just two mos old, hasn't mastered sleeping through the night and has to be waken at 4am anyway for meds, so I know I won't be well rested when I have them. Clayton is an early riser and always has been. It's so nice now though that he's older and more independent. He gets up and watches tv and plays except that he, for some reason we haven't figured out  yet, feels the need to come all the way downstairs to use the bathroom instead of using his right by his room upstairs. I think he just needs to have that contact with us haha.

 Well time to get Chey cleaned up from breakfast and figure out what to get done today! Til next time!

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