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Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015

 Another busy day in the Wilske household. Always is busy but some days more than others. Today is actually a day "off" for me, at least as far as me cleaning myself. I have two people (employees) doing three jobs for me today and one of those ladies has done a job every day this week for me and two today. I'm enjoying hiring out as well as doing some cleaning on my own. For one thing of course it's extra income for me without doing all of the actual cleaning and I've always dreamed of getting bigger. Now I'm working on getting my name out there even more. It's not without headaches and stress though, but it usually works out fine. You can't please everyone though and I have found that some people just aren't going to be happy no matter how hard we try, so I do my best but I am not going to stress too much over people I can't please. All I can do is my best, and make sure the people working for me are doing well too. I have a couple of really nice and hard working ladies right now who do a great job.

 On a more personal level, I've been staying busy with the grandkids and love it. Teegan and Clay have been over a lot this week, as has Cheyenne. We don't get to spend a lot of time with Brittany's kids, Jason and Jennifer, as they live about 40 minutes from us and they're not in CU all the time. But we do spend time with them too when we can.
  Teegan is two mos old now and has "come alive" more this week. He's doing great. Holding his head up better, looking around, more interested in his surroundings and even smiling a little. It's so wonderful to see him blossoming after all he went through. Love that little guy!

 The girls leave for the weekend tonight. I have Cheyenne (9mos old) this evening but after that we may get out and go do something. Drive in movie perhaps. We'll see. Til next time.....

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